RBmedia has acquired GraphicAudio, a division of Cutting Corp., for an undisclosed price. Founded in 2004, GraphicAudio produces dramatized audio content featuring a full cast of actors, sound effects, and cinematic music. The purchase marks RB’s entry into the audio dramatizations market.

GraphicAudio’s catalogue has more than 1,300 titles across 150 series that focus chiefly, RB said, on action/adventure, comics, science fiction/fantasy, and westerns. According to RB, GraphicAudio has produced titles in partnership with brands such as Marvel, DC Comics, Dynamite, abd Vault Comics, and authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Peter V. Brett, Michael J. Sullivan, R. A. Salvatore, William W. Johnstone, and Brent Weeks.

Tom MacIsaac, CEO of RBmedia, believes GraphicAudio’s dramatizations is a great fit with RB. “Since RBmedia is the largest producer of audiobooks in the world, the combination of the two organizations will enable us to expand the application of this innovative audio storytelling approach and bring it to many partners and consumers globally,” he said in a statement.