Red Wheel/Weiser has agreed to acquire Quest Books, an imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Theosophical Society in America. Founded in 1966 and based in Wheaton, lll., Quest Books focuses on publishing books that “encourage the study of religion, philosophy, and science so that we may better understand ourselves and our place in the universe,” according to the announcement. The acquisition is expected to be completed next January.

Red Wheel has been distributing Quest since 2015, and the company is very familiar with its list, said Michael Kerber, president and CEO of Red Wheel. When the deal is completed, Quest, which ha about 245 titles, will become an imprint in the publisher’s Red Wheel Group, which also includes New Page Books and Hampton Roads. Kerber said Red Wheel’s initial plan is to revitalize Quest’s backlist titles.

The Quest purchase is one of a number of initiatives announced by Red Wheel. The company has also taken over distribution for Crossed Crow Books, Moon Dust Press, and Womancraft Publishing. “The addition of Crossed Crow, Moon Dust, and Womancraft Publishing fits perfectly with our other distributed clients and will be welcomed by our thousands of direct customers,” Kerber said in a statement. Crossed Crow Books is an independent publisher of occult books; Moon Dust Press publishes books for children raised in homes practicing nature-based spiritualities; and Womancraft focuses on bringing women’s voices to the fore.

In a new hire, Red Wheel has appointed Amy Lyons as a senior acquisitions editor effective December 4. Lyons has been in publishing for more than 20 years, including as an acquiring editor at Globe Pequot.

“The last few years have been, for everyone in publishing, a time of crisis and transformation. Red Wheel is fortunate to have emerged stronger than ever,” said Kerber. “As we move forward, we will face inevitable new challenges with confidence and will embrace the opportunities ahead of us. Our focus going forward is ‘community.’ We are a community of employees, authors, customers, and, most of all, readers who find meaning, purpose, and direction through the publishing programs of Red Wheel/Weiser.”