Newly formed media company Pave Studios has added Pave Publishing House to its list of businesses. Created this spring by former Spotify executive and Parcast Studios founder Max Cutler, Pave Studios works in a variety of media businesses, primarily podcasts, but also has interests in audiobooks, video, and entertainment. Its main holdings include the OpenMind and Crime House studios, which focus on wellness and true crime podcasts, respectively. Creators connected to the company include Khloe Kardashian and author and doctor Mark Hyman.

In launching Pave Publishing, the company announced that it has signed a co-publishing agreement with Simon & Schuster to collaborate on publishing new books and audiobooks. Under the agreement, some Pave-branded titles will be jointly published under the S&S trade imprint, and books that solely carry the Pave Publishing House imprint will be distributed by S&S.

In announcing the deal with S&S, Cutler pointed to an “innovative business model” that will reward successful creators. Cutler also said he hopes Pave Publishing will allow podcasters to earn more money since the monetization opportunities for podcasters is limited.

Commenting on the agreement in a prepared statement, S&S CEO Jonathan Karp called Pave “a truly innovative content creation studio” that is working to attract authors with a new business model. Karp also pointed to Pave’s roots in audio storytelling, saying that the new partnership should be able to take advantage of the continued growth in the sale of audiobooks.

Further details on Pave’s business model and publishing plans are expected to be released at a later date.