NetGalley and the American Library Association are teaming up to offer librarians a NetGalley membership benefit program. NetGalley will speed up digital galley request approval for ALA members who add their ALA member number to their NetGalley profile.

NetGalley has also launched a new online social media program called NetGalley at the Library that allows publishers to highlight upcoming titles or library promotions to NetGalley members. NetGalley is also conducting a survey on librarian reading habits and digital devices. More than a 1000 librarians have taken part in the survey and 85% of them say they use devices to read. According to NetGalley more than 7,000 librarians have signed up for NetGalley which has more than 47,000 professional readers including bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers, educators and others.

Cathleen Bourdon, ALA associate executive director for communications and member relations stated. “This program will help our 57,000 members use digital galleys to preview more upcoming titles, and make more informed purchasing decisions for their collections.”

NetGalley president Susan Ruszala said, “It is our belief that in allowing NetGalley members to display their ALA credentials, ALA members will receive approvals for new titles faster and more frequently. In addition, this partnership will introduce more ALA members to NetGalley as a free resource for gaining early digital access to upcoming titles from participating publishers.”