OverDrive is reporting record numbers for the holiday season. The company said that its digital lending platform served a record number of library patrons, accessing content for myriad devices, on Christmas Day. (The company was not able, on Dec. 26, to offer a specific statistic on the number of patrons that used its service over the holiday.) OverDrive said the biggest growth spike in lending over last year occurred among users accessing content on the iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices.

Library users can access this content on Web sites optimized for both PC and mobile use, and, OverDrive said, this "helped pilot libraries circulate record single-day numbers of eBooks, audiobooks, music and video." Speaking to the strong Christmas Day traffic, OverDrive CEO Steve Potash said: "Mobile users account for as much as two-thirds of all traffic at Next Generation pilot libraries, and they’re generating record traffic."