ALA 2014 Preview: Let’s Talk It Out

The conference theme of the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting, set for January 24–28 in Philadelphia, is “the conversation starts here.” It is a perfectly appropriate theme.

ALA 2014 Preview: Meet the Team

At PW, we’ve always served the library community, but you’ve probably noticed that in recent months we’ve ramped up our commitment to covering library news and issues, with a lineup of monthly columnists writing on a broad range of issues affecting libraries and publishers.

ALA 2014 Preview: The Librarian’s Guide to Paranoid Behavior

Librarians have always been a wee bit paranoid, but for years our distrust pretty much clustered around two obsessions.

ALA 2014 Preview: Cut to the Core: On the Front Lines of the Common Core Rollout

In October, we gave what was scheduled to be a one-hour presentation to a group of public librarians and library directors on collaboration between school and public libraries.

ALA 2014 Preview: Google Books: Eight Years Later...

On November 14, Judge Denny Chin dismissed the long-running Authors Guild suit against Google, ruling that the digitization of books for Google Book Search is fair use.

ALA 2014 Preview: Check it out with Michael Kelley: A Deeper Dive

As librarians gather for ALA Midwinter, there is much talk of progress in the library e-book realm.

ALA 2014 Preview: Getting Ready to Read

The conversation about the Common Core standards will be a hot topic at this year’s ALA Midwinter Meeting, as many public librarians make efforts to reach their patrons and community members—as well as form partnerships with school librarians—to provide information on the standards.