Baker & Taylor announced this week that it will offer a tool to help public libraries analyze the diversity of their collections.

Powered by B&T’s collectionHQ technology, Baker & Taylor’s “Diversity Analysis” tool will help identify opportunities for libraries to evaluate their collections against industry-accepted diversity subjects. The tool will be available later this month for B&T customers as part of their collectionHQ subscription, and can be utilized for either a one-time analysis, or to manage a collection over time. The tool is also available for purchase by non-subscribers as “a one-time, obligation-free consultation.

In a statement, B&T officials said the Diversity Analysis tool offers a “first step” toward:

  • Analyzing a library’s fiction and nonfiction collections against industry-accepted diversity topics.
  • Identifying gaps at a system-wide and branch level.
  • Evaluating representation of diverse populations in both print and digital collections.
  • Effectively communicating diversity in a library’s collection to stakeholders in its community.
  • Using data to suggest future development lists

“Healthy communities need access to inclusive library collections where people can find material that lets them see a reflection of themselves, offer a window to the world around them, and celebrate the differences that drive cultural, economic and social innovation,” said Amandeep Kochar, executive v-p and general manager of B&T, in a release.

The wholesaler has scheduled a webinar to provide an exclusive preview of Diversity Analysis at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, July 14. Participants can listen live or access the recorded version after it is completed.