Qoop, a free online social commerce and on-demand studio community, has joined with Google Books to offer consumers the ability to order Print On Demand print editions of public domain titles through the Qoop website. The new deal will put a Qoop link in the “get the book” section on each of the 2 million public domain titles in Google Books listings.

Proceeds from the sale of the POD public domain titles will go towards nonprofit book digitization efforts. Google product manager Brandon Badger said, “If you want a print copy of a public domain book that we have scanned and indexed, QOOP has now made it easier for you to get one."

Initially the Qoop service will provide POD paperback editions of books 700 pages long or less. Longer books will be broken into multiple volumes and hardcover editions with dust jackets will be added over the next few months. Qoop is an online creative community and on-demand marketplace that offers artists, photographers, writers and other artists access to stock image and document libraries as well as the ability to upload newly created digital works and offer them for sale.

Qoop president Phil Wessells said, “QOOP is excited about the opportunity to help with the Google Books project by making many of the public domain titles available for purchase through our print-on-demand services. This is a natural extension to make the works universally available with inexpensive print editions for anyone to purchase.”