Media Services Group, a developer of integrated publishing and event management software, has acquired the publishing assets of Veridean Technology Solutions, an Internet strategies and solutions provider. Media Services has rolled the publishing assets of Veridean into a new e-commerce division that will be under the direction of Tom Jensen, former CTO of Penton Media and co-founder of Veridean Technology Solutions will join MSG as the v-p of the e-commerce division. Veridean’s non-publishing customers will remain with Veridean and be managed by Carol Jensen.

MSG and Veridean have worked together in the past to develop integrated web modules for MSG’s Élan publishing system. The acquisition will bring Veridean’s Web extensions and services, which help publishers reduce fulfillment costs and develop new digital products, under the MSG umbrella. " We are thrilled to offer these web products and services as native extensions to our core Élan systems," said Dan Pellegrini, president of the publishing division at MSG.