With publishing executives and media flown in to Los Angeles from across the country, HP gave a major push to launch its new 42-inch wide T400 press, the newest entrant in its portfolio of color inkjet imaging systems. One of seven book publishing executives attending the event commented that, given the “steady and stepwise” success of the narrower HP systems over the past five years, the 42” press, constituting the world’s largest such format, is “sure to change the game in book manufacturing.”

The exec noted the expanded press format, full personalization of digital printing, high output of 600 feet per minute (enabling output of up to 5,200 full-color letter-size pages per minute) and added capabilities. These combined features, he said, are an ideal response to the trends toward more titles, shorter runs, and more frequent updates resulting from the output of more authors producing niche books.

HP introduced the new press at O’Neil Data Systems, a marketing communication firm using HP’s T200, T300, T350, and now new T400 press. Christopher Morgan, senior v-p of HP’s Graphic Solutions Business, said with the new T400, book publishers and manufacturers can break into a world of true mass personalization and customization.

All HP inkjet presses, including the T400, can print on virtually any standard uncoated or newsprint paper, as well as on a range of coated papers.