As publishers look for ways to streamline the production process, the Perseus Books Group has entered into an agreement with Quark to implement a new publishing software system that will allow for the creation of print and digital books. The new software system will give Perseus the ability to create a single-source document that can be delivered across multiple types of media. The original book file is created in an e-book compatible format that can be exported to the Web, social media and mobile devices without the need for further conversion.

“This is something we have been working on for some time now,” said David Steinberger, CEO of Perseus. The publisher will use the new system not only for its own titles, but will also offer it to its distribution clients through its Constellation service. Steinberger expects to implement Quark into Perseus’ workflow in the third quarter and have it available for distribution clients in the fourth quarter.

Among the features the new software provides is the ability to create e-books in the Blio eReader and ePub formats. It also has an App Studio module that makes it easier to publish custom iPad apps. Next generation XML authoring tools allows anyone using Microsoft Word to create structured XML content without knowledge of XML and little or no training.

“We’ve evaluated various potential partners and found that this new software from Quark offers the best solution for creating, managing, and publishing content from independent publishers,” said Melissa Serdinsky, v-p of digital operations for Perseus. “Working with Quark and their innovative software will enable the authors and publishers we represent to streamline their publishing workflow.”