Looking to utilize its network of printing facilities in different parts of the world, Ingram Content Group has launched Global Connect, a new program that will allow publishers in any country to print and distribute titles in countries where Ingram has its own operations as well as in countries of one of its partners. To that end, Ingram has signed an agreement with Singular Digital, a leading book manufacturer in Brazil, to become its first Global Connect partner.

The goal of Global Connect, said Ingram president Skip Prichard, “is to help publishers get their books into markets where there is a demand.” Using Global Connect will permit publishers to offer books for sale in other countries and not have to worry about such issues (and costs) as shipping. Prichard noted that Global Connect is a true print-on-demand service and will only print a book when there is an order. Ingram chose Singular as its partner in Brazil because not only does it offer POD services but has relationships with about 60 distribution channels in the country and its sales channels cover 95% of the book and digital content markets in Brazil.

Ingram is in “advanced discussions” with several other partners, Prichard said, and he expects to announce agreements in Japan and Germany around the new year. Books printed by Singular Digital and other Global Connect partners will adhere to the same specifications and quality standards of Ingram’s Lightning Source. Publishers that print and distribute books with Lightning Source will define markets for each title in the program. Lightning Source will maintain file integrity and security as well as reporting and payment remittance to publishers in the same manner as it does today.