Faber has announced a considerable enhancement to its Faber Factory digital service for independent publishers.

Faber Factory Powered by Constellation is a joint venture with Perseus, which already has 200 independent clients for it U.S. service. It will be available for publishers in the UK, Ireland, and Commonwealth.

Stephen Page, Faber CEO and publisher, said: "Faber Factory was conceived as an ambitious response to the enormous and liberating opportunity for independent publishers in the digital age. The power of Faber partnering with Perseus makes this ambition immediately achievable, globally and long term as together we can offer market-leading tools, service and knowledge that will enable publishers based in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the means to publish successfully."

Page described the venture as "a big part of what we want Faber to be," enhancing the partnerships that the company saw as the key to the growth of independent publishing and that were already successful in such initiatives as the Faber-led Independent Alliance. The partnership with Perseus, which had developed Constellation in a market that was some 18 months ahead of that in the UK, enabled Faber to "leap frog" in its digital development. The publisher and its clients would gain the benefits of a robust technological system, with sophisticated reporting functions.

Page said that Faber's e-book sales comprised "between 5% and 10%" of total sales of its titles at present, with the percentages varying by title and genre. He expected a further surge in the ebook market in the next six months.

Faber set up Faber Factory in 2010, and has 70 publishers signed up for the current service. These clients will transfer to the enhanced, Constellatation service, as will Faber itself. Atlantic, a member of the Faber-led Independent Alliance, has signed up as a new client. Toby Mundy, Atlantic CEO and Publisher, said: "We're delighted to be part of this new global venture. We’re closely involved with Faber and Faber through the Independent Alliance and much admire the Faber Factory; Perseus is simply a great publishing company with a formidable ability to see the big picture. I feel sure that joining Faber Factory Powered by Constellation will be key to developing the full potential of Atlantic's ebook business."

Perseus set up Constellation in 2008. It has a digital database of 20,000 titles. In the UK, Faber Factory Powered by Constellation will have a client service team, reporting to executives from both partner companies. According to Perseus president David Steinberger, while while Faber's clients will benefit from Perseus's sales contacts in the U.S. and Constellation's U.S. clients will benefit from enhanced position in the U.k. digital market through Faber's contacts.