The Perseus Book Group has reached an agreement with Typéfi Systems to implement the Typéfi Publish System, an automated composition technology that allows both print and e-pub versions of a book to be easily formatted with XML. The system can take a document created or edited in Microsoft Word, convert it to XML and output the document to Adobe InDesign.

The new technology will be made available to the 285 publisher-clients of Perseus' Constellation digital distribution system. The Typéfi Publish System enables publishers to produce richly formatted content from a single source that can be delivered cross multiple platforms without a detailed knowledge of ePub or XML. Avalon Travel, publisher of travel books by Rick Steves, will be the first Constellation client to make use of the technology.

David Steinberger, CEO and president of The Perseus Books Group, said he was “very impressed by Typéfi’s ability to leverage and extend industry standard production tools such as Word and InDesign. This new partnership complements our adoption of the Quark Publishing System earlier this year. Our goal is to give independent publishers the ability to publish in a wide range of formats simultaneously while lowering their production costs.”