The 2013 Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) has extended the deadline for industry members to fill out its latest survey that tracks the environmental progress of the book industry. The new deadline is July 12th. For more info, click though.

Publisher Survey

· Printer Survey

· Paper Manufacturer Survey

Todd Pollack of the Green Press Initiative, explains whe participating in the survey is so important.

Why Participate?

These surveys are critical in helping the BIEC and the book industry in general gain a better understanding of recent environmental trends with regards to the types of papers that are used to make books and the environmental policies and initiatives enacted by book publishers, printers and paper manufacturers. The resulting data will help identify key areas where the book industry has made progress as well as areas where more attention is required. In order for the data to be meaningful and truly representative of what is happening in the industry it is necessary to get as close to 100% participation as possible. Every additional response will help improve the data and ensure that it better reflects the whole book industry.

Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns?

The BIEC recognizes that many companies have legitimate concerns about sharing confidential and proprietary information relating to their operations. The BIEC has established procedures to guarantee that no individual company’s data will be shared with anyone nor will such data be reported. The only thing that will be reported is aggregate data for the industry (for example totals tons of paper reported by all paper manufacturers responding to the survey). In fact, if you decline to provide optional contact information your response will be completely anonymous (The BIEC has even taken the step of configuring the surveys to prevent them from collecting IP addresses which could otherwise be used to identify the location of the computers used to reply to the surveys). The BIEC has partnered with an independent contractor who will collect the surveys and share only aggregate data with the BIEC. Please be assured that no company or organization participating in the BIEC will have access to the survey responses. The goal of the BIEC is to continue to conduct these surveys every two years and to maximize participation rate and it recognizes that ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of the data you provide will be critical to the future success of these surveys.

Please Participate

If you have not already submitted a survey, please take the time to visit the link to the appropriate survey for your sector of the book industry and complete it by July 12th. Please also ensure that only one survey is completed for you company—it is possible others at you company may have also received information about these surveys.

If you have not yet completed the survey, you participation by July 12th is greatly appreciated.