Le French Book, a startup focused on bringing bestselling French mysteries and thrillers to English language speakers, has struck a deal with Ingram to manufacture and distribute its print list. The company, which has been releasing English translations in e-book, now hopes to get print copies to its readers.

Founder Anne Trager said that, with the company's e-book operation establish, it was "time we get our books into print." The e-books, she added, were thought of as a way to "pave the way for other formats," and the company's first print list, spring-summer 2014, will feature seven titles, among them Bernard Besson's The Greenland Breach, coming out on Aptil 30, 2014, and Sylvie Granotier's The Paris Lawyer, set for May 15, 2014. Trager added: "On the French side, we’re working with major publishers to find titles that fit our mission of bringing entertaining and gripping reads across the cultural divide. So on the American side, it is very important for us to have an ally with Ingram’s experience and reach."