Simon & Schuster has created a new structure in its adult production and manufacturing division that Dennis Eulau, executive v-p, operations and CFO, wrote in a memo to employees will “further integrate the design and creation of e-books into the earliest stages of our overall production process.” The new structure places four executives in charge of different parts of the department and will result in the departure of two S&S veterans, Karen Romano, v-p, production and manufacturing, and Nancy Singer, director interior design.

The newly promoted executives are Irene Kheradi, v-p, executive managing editor, production and copy editing; Samantha Cohen, v-p, design and digital content development; Angela Hsiao, v-p, demand planning and reprints; and Joe Bulger, v-p, client management and business development. The appointments were effective November 13.

Kheradi, who Eulau called the “critical link between our publishing groups and production departments,” will now oversee production, copy editing and managing editorial functions. Cohen will lead a group that integrates interior design with digital content development and desktop publishing. Hsiao currently has responsibility for print runs, distribution levels at retail, analysis of sales patterns, and inventory replenishment and will add responsibility for reprints. In addition to his continuing role with the distribution clients, Bulger will assume primary responsibility for managing the business aspects of S&S’s manufacturing vendor relationships.