In this 32nd annual coverage on the print manufacturing industry in Hong Kong and China, seven major export printers mull over the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute and potential fallout on the industry, and share their observation on the rising paper prices and its causes. These print suppliers also talk about their operations and short-term plans, with some sharing their unique projects. Our coverage continues online with two additional articles on thermochromatic and black light/ultraviolet-reactive printing. Click through to read all of our coverage below, or browse the special feature in Scribd reader. Do visit PW Printing Marketplace to learn more about featured printing companies.

Checking on the Printing Business in Hong Kong & China

Going Beyond Protecting the Print Book

A Sampler of Outstanding Projects

Unique Thermochromatic Ink Application in "Penguin Frozen Book"

Black Light Printing in "Find Monsters"

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