In the past decade, Leo Paper has been increasing the emphasis on edutainment and interactivity in its R&D direction for new product ideas. “Magic Paper World, our trademarked value-added solution, includes many of our new, in-house-developed microinnovations and techniques,” says Henry Woo, general manager of Leo Paper’s OEM business development.

MPW is focused on creating products that are engaging, fun, and interactive. It is presented as a series of seven board books with different applications to enhance a page design so as to inspire new ideas for clients and, ultimately, to help elevate the interest in reading for children, which are the end consumers.

“At the crux of it, MPW is about giving our clients a competitive edge through the delivery of unique and differentiated products,” Woo says. “By putting the applications together in a series for quick access and reference, we seek to make the innovative application process easier and faster for them.” Woo’s team will provide advice and tips on applying the appropriate MPW application to transform ideas into novel products, or to increase the play and fun elements in existing products, in order to satisfy different clients’ wide-ranging needs.

The challenge in offering a new solution, Woo says, is always about finding the best fit for clients and their products. “Clients also have key concerns when considering new product ideas, including consistent quality control, reliability of new technology and techniques, production workflow design, and cost containment. On our part, we ensure that each MPW application is suitable, good, and safe for the end consumers, particularly if these are children.”

With MPW, Woo says, clients can be assured that the ideas and techniques have been thoroughly tested. “Furthermore,” Woo adds, “when clients adopt the trademarked MPW solution and place the print orders with Leo Paper, they will get the expected product quality, in addition to protecting their ideas from piracy and counterfeiting. That is a big win for everybody.”