Expansion continues at Hung Hing Printing Group’s main production site in Heshan. “We are enhancing our capabilities with Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing processes while we seek to increase our production capacity to better serve clients,” says chief operations officer Richard Lim.

The capacity expansion has culminated in a new plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, which officially opened for business in November 2019 and has since received a host of certifications, including ISO90001, ISO14001, FSC, and ICTI. The facility, which is largely unaffected by the pandemic due to the country’s good preventive measures, started delivering to clients in February 2020. “It supplies packaging boxes to local clients, mostly toy manufacturers, and it was recently approved for production and manufacturing of paper-based toys, which adds a new category of business to our export portfolio,” Lim says. “We are optimistic about the growth potential of our Hanoi facility and have invested in several large-format presses to further expand its print capacity and capabilities.”

The Group has also been busy diversifying and developing its paper-related businesses, including Papery, a brand of premium and sustainable lifestyle paper products, and Yum Me Play, an experiential learning platform for young learners.

For Yum Me Play, the team develops high-quality books and toys as well as interactive games for clients, packs them as gift sets focusing on STEM topics, and bundles them with Hung Hing’s own paper toys through its innovative design center Beluga Limited. Yum Me Play recently extended its physical retail outlets to cover the Hong Kong Ocean Park.

“With Yum Me Play, we leverage our industry relations and experience over the past 70 years to connect upstream and downstream business partners,” says commercial director Christopher Yum. “We print children’s books for our publishing clients and now we provide both online and physical retail outlets for them to sell their products to an even wider audience. Our clients sell more and we print more—a win-win situation for everybody that is fast becoming the business model that is adopted at Hung Hing.”

It is always about innovative expansion at the right time and in the right area.“Our customers,” Yum says, “can always count on our established and reliable services. Now, apart from taking care of their core needs—printing and packaging—we are helping them to sell more by enhancing and adding value to their existing products. The Yum Me Play platform optimizes our strengths in print, digital, and hybrid products to help clients connect the dots all the way to their end consumers, and this is just one of the many approaches that we are working on.”