We've heard that Sally Willcox at CAA is shopping film rights for Chris McCoy's YA debut, Scurvy Goonda. The book, which Knopf bought in summer 2007, follows a 15-year-old's attempt to stamp out his titular imaginary friend. McCoy, who contributes to McSweeney's, inked a two-book deal with Knopf.

Also on the shopping front, Josie Freedman at ICM is just about to take out Jill Kargman's Ex Mrs. Hedge Fund. The book, about friends ousted from their social circle after they divorce their brother-husbands, went to Dutton in a two-book deal and may just cash in on the current Hollywood craze for all things economic-meltdown-related. (See the recent deal for the John Wells-to-direct-and-Ben-Affleck-to-possibly-star vehicle The Company Men, about an exec who's downsized.) We'll say this much: Kargman (Momzillas) has a timely title.