This week in Page to Screen, our roundup of who’s shopping what in Hollywood, a memoir of mental health and a not-just-for-the-kids fantasy trilogy make the rounds. Look for this column to reappear regularly in September.

According to a source at Dutton, the September-slated memoir from former Montague Bookmill proprietor David Lovelace, Scattershot, has garnered interest from Departed screenwriter William Monahan. The book, subtitled My Bipolar Family—Lovelace’s mother, younger brother and father also suffer from bipolar disorder—is the author’s take on growing up with the disease, and in a family crippled by it. Monahan, a Massachusetts native like Lovelace, is supposedly attached to direct with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star. No studio is on board yet.

At AP Watt Rob Kraitt has just sent out the second book in the YA trilogy from Eoin McNamee, City of Time (Wendy Lamb Books). Kraitt, who’s working with co-agent Liza Wachter at RWSH, is shopping the trilogy and said they “got quite close” to an option with The Navigator, the first title in the series. (Naviagtor made the Times Children’s list in February 2007.) The hope now is that Time, which was released on June 24, can clinch a deal. The series is "quite scary," according to Kraitt, and some adult themes crop up--our hero's father dies in book 1 (likely from suicide) and his mom is depressed. The Times review of Navigator said it "echoes The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter books," if that narrows the field.

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