It’s not TV…it’s Netflix. Speaking to the growing number of areas authors are placing their work in Hollywood, author Brian McGreevy’s forthcoming novel, Hemlock Grove (FSG), is being adapted into an original series for Netflix. The paperback original, which is coming out on March 27, wound up at the DVD-distributor-cum-original-programmer, a rep for the book explained, in part because of the risqué source material.

The author, publicist Sarah Russo explained, interviewed a number of producers about the work, which is a gothic tale set in Pittsburgh. McGreevy, she said, wanted someone who would do the material justice and “pursue a ‘hard R’ approach,” she explained, adding that the goal was to find a partner willing to go “the Twin Peaks route, i.e. very dark and very weird.” After Eli Roth (the Hostel franchise) signed on as a producer, the material wound up at Netflix, which has been aggressively expanding into original programming to stream to its customers.

The series, which launches around the mystery of who killed a young girl outside a local steel mill, will star Famke Janssen and Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard. McGreevy, a screenwriter, is executive producing and writing the series with Lee Shipman. The show is set to air in 2013.