This week Brendan Deneen at Objective reports he's "close to a deal" on the YA graphic novel Dear Dracula. Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Vicente Navarrete, the book is about a boy who, instead of sending his Christmas wish to Santa, pens Dracula asking to become an actual vampire for Halloween. Deneen is pitching the book, which is due from Image on October 29, as a "franchise-level movie in the spirit of Goonies." There's one offer in on the book, which Deneed said is in to production companies and more than one studio.

Rob Kraitt at AP Watt has just started shopping film rights on a few titles to U.K. producers, among them Michael Cox's new one, The Glass of Time. Cox's 2006 debut, The Meaning of Night, bowed to strong reviews and Glass, out in the U.S. from Norton in October, again garnered a starred review from PW. Kraitt has meetings planned with U.S. producers and scouts late next month.