The mystery stories of Cornell Woolrich have been optioned by Phoenix Pictures and Renaissance Literary and Talent for a television series. (Deadline Hollywood)

Hunters in the Dark by Lawrence Osborne (Hogarth, 2016), a thriller about an English teacher in Cambodia who goes missing, has been optioned by U.K. studio Bad Penny Productions. (Deadline Hollywood)

The seven novels in Susan M. Boyer's Liz Talbot mystery series (Henry Press, 2014), which are about a 30-something woman who solves mysteries and have been compared tonally to Murder She Wrote, have been optioned by Bohemia Group Originals. (Deadline Hollywood)

The debut novel Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid (Putnam, forthcoming for 2019), about a young black babysitter and her employer, has been optioned by Sight Unseen Productions and Hillman Grad Productions, Lena Waithe's production company. (Deadline Hollywood)

The Biggest Modern Woman of the World by Susan Swan (Lester & Orpen Dennys,1983), about a seven-foot-six woman who was part of the P.T. Barnum circus, has been optioned by Temple Street Productions for a television project. (Deadline Hollywood)