Starling Lawrence, who is currently editor-in-chief at W.W. Norton, is taking a different role at the company, and John Glusman, who is now at Crown, is stepping into the top editorial post at the publisher. Lawrence, who has been at Norton since 1969 and also holds the title vice chairman, is becoming an editor-at-large while Glusman will take the reigns as v-p and editor-in-chief.

Glusman, who is executive editor and v-p at Crown, has edited a long list of heavy hitting authors, including Erik Larson and David Sanger. Speaking to the appointment, Drake McFeely, chairman and president of Norton, said Glusman is someone "whose excellent judgment, keen publishing instincts, and experience at the highest editorial levels make him the ideal person to lead Norton’s trade department into a new era.”

Lawrence, who himself has a number of big names on his list -- he has edited Michael Lewis and Sebastian Junger, among others -- was named v-p and director at Norton in 1979, then took the title of editor-in-chief in 1993.