Linda Greenspan Regan, who served as executive editor of Prometheus Books for 11 years, where she acquired nonfiction books and helped to build the trade list in the area of popular science, died October 4. Before joining Prometheus, she had been executive editor at Carol Publishing and at Plenum Trade Books, which she headed. During her career of over 30 years, she acquired works from Edward Teller, Nobel laureates Leon Lederman and Eugene Wigner, as well as criminology luminaries such as Dr. Henry C. Lee, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, and Dr. Jack Levin.

"Linda was a savvy editor who had a feel for the marketplace," says Steven L. Mitchell, Prometheus Books editor in chief. "She could craft great book deals and then help authors take their ideas and turn them into solid pieces of work that would be embraced by their intended audiences."