Miriam Sontz, a 28-year employee of Powell's Books and who most recently has been chief operating officer, has been appointed CEO of the Portland, Ore. independent bookstore. Sontz succeeds Emily Powell who has been CEO since 2010 and, who, the retailer said in a release, “will step fully into her role as the owner of Powell's Books, focusing on the stewardship of Powell’s long-term future, health, and vitality.”

Powell’s Books was founded by Emily’s grandfather Walter and later managed by her father Michael. As the new CEO, Sontz will lead all aspects of Powell’s ongoing business operations and strategic planning. The change comes as Powell's continues to evaluate the state of the book industry and the challenges and needs of the company in the future. "I look forward to steering Powell's Books forward through our ever-changing book industry,” Sontz said. “We are well-positioned to continue efficiencies around operations so we can focus on our customers. Highlighting and expanding the unique experience people have when shopping at Powell's is our top priority.”