Sarah Crichton will leave Farrar, Straus and Giroux at the end of 2018 to pursue other opportunities, the publisher said in an announcement Tuesday afternoon. Her imprint, Sarah Crichton Books/FSG, will continue publishing through December of 2019.

“My almost-fifteen year run at FSG has been a joy,” Chrichton said in a statement. “I am leaving with great fondness for my colleagues, my wonderful authors and their splendid books. This has been one of the most exciting and rewarding chapters in my life. I look forward to discovering what the next chapter holds.”

Since Crichton joined FSG in 2004, she has published such authors as Cathleen Schine, David Finkel, Matthew Quick, John Leland, Brigid Schulte, Colin Harrison, and, perhaps most famously, Ishmael Beah. Beah, whose A Long Way Gone chronicled his experiences as a child soldier in Sierra Leone, went on to become both a bestseller in 2007 and is now a collegiate staple.

“With her unique blend of enthusiasm, discernment and publishing talent, Sarah has been a beloved and energizing presence at FSG,” Jonathan Galassi, FSG’s publisher and president, said in a statement. “She will be missed.”