Steve Piersanti, president and CEO of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, is moving away from his managerial role at the company into a full-time editorial position. In a letter to BK staffers, Piersanti, who founded the company in 1992, said he has long worked in two roles: as a CEO and publisher, and as an editor acquiring new titles. Now, at 65, he said, he's ready to cede his executive post.

Noting that he is not, though, ready to retire, Piersanti said he will "continue as a full-time BK acquiring editor for books—which is the role I have always believed I was best at performing and which has given me the greatest satisfaction."

Piersanti plans to step down from CEO in mid-2019 and leave the BK management team. The new president, CEO, and publisher of the company will, he added in his letter, "be able to give fuller attention to this demanding role and bring expertise that I do not have."

BK is currently undergoing the search for a new CEO.