Doug Stambaugh has been promoted to the newly created position of v-p and director of strategic operations and business development at Simon & Schuster, reporting to Dennis Eulau, executive v-p, COO, and CFO of the publisher. The move also serves to consolidate three previously separate segments of S&S: business development, business operations, and new business models.

Stambaugh's new portfolio will include: support and planning for new and existing retail and vendor relationships; agreements for printing, production, and paper, print on demand, and distribution; managing customer relationships; business analysis in support of internal and external initiatives; digital operations including metadata and file delivery and management; support for terms, negotiations, and distribution client development; and the development o business models including enhanced global distribution, subscription, and outreach to special markets such as libraries, K-12, and higher education, across all formats.

Reporting to Stambaugh will be Joe Bulger, v-p of business development, and Frank Nunez v-p of business operations. Stambaugh joined the publisher in 2007 and has served as v-p of global e-book market development and strategy since 2013.

"By consolidating these functions into one team, we will be able to more effectively serve both our in-house publishing teams and our external partners, while gaining agility and speed in pursuing new business models and opportunities," Eulau wrote in a letter to staff. "Simon & Schuster has always had a strong operational backbone supporting our publishing and business efforts, and with this new structure we’ll only be stronger."