After serving as the head of one of the world’s preeminent scouting agencies for some 35 years, Maria Campbell is turning over the reins of Maria B. Campbell Association to Agnes Ahlander Turner, who will become president on April 1. Turner has been with Campbell for 14 years, most recently serving as executive v-p. With the change, Campbell will assume the new role of executive chairman.

In making the announcement, Campbell said that Turner “embodies all the qualities that I most value: integrity, intelligence, wit, and passion, and will lead our company to new heights.” Turner added, in a statement: “It is such an honor to take up the torch from Maria who shaped scouting into what it is today. I have had the privilege to learn from the best of the best and look forward to leading the company into the future.”

With its headquarters in New York and an office in London, Maria B. Campbell Associates advises clients in approximately 22 countries about American and international books for translation and publication in their markets, and for adaptation into television and film.

Campbell said that, as executive chairman, she will continue to be involved in strategy and new business, while continuing her relationships throughout the industry. “These Covid years have given me the time and space to realize that the workplace has permanently changed,” she said. “It has also made me appreciate my clients and the incredible privilege of working for them all these decades. Our motto, ‘scouting without borders,’ has never been more important.”