Kara Welsh, president of Penguin Random House’s Ballantine Group, which is home to the Ballantine Bantam Dell imprints, announced a number of editorial promotions within the group. The goal of the promotions, Welsh said in a memo to employees, is to expand its fiction programs “to meet the growing demand for captivating and immersive stories.”

In addition to the new promotions, Jennifer Hershey continues as publisher of Ballantine Bantam Dell, and Kim Hovey stays as BBD deputy publisher.

At Ballantine:

  • Kara Cesare has been promoted to v-p and editor-in-chief for Ballantine Bantam Dell. Cesare has taken on additional responsibility in recent years, including “leading the charge on growing our Bantam and Dell lists,” Welsh said.
  • Hilary Teeman has been promoted to editorial director for Ballantine.
    • Cesare and Teeman will continue to report to Hershey.

At Bantam Books:

  • Anne Speyer has been promoted to executive editor.
  • Jesse Shuman has been promoted to editor.

At Dell Books, which Welsh noted has been reinvented as a trade paperback original line:

  • Shauna Summers has been promoted to editorial director, and will lead Dell.
  • Caroline Weishuhn has been promoted to associate editor, working with Teeman and Julian Pavia.
  • Mae Martinez has been promoted to assistant editor, assisting Jenny Chen and Shauna Summers.
    • Summers, Speyer, and Shuman will continue to report to Cesare.