Publishers Weekly is adding reviews of Canadian adult books to its weekly prepublication review coverage of U.S. titles. PW will review approximately 20 titles a month that originate with Canadian houses. Guidelines for Canadian reviews are the same as they are for U.S. reviews in that we need two galleys three to four months ahead of the title’s publication date. Leigh Anne Williams has been named Canadian Adult Reviews Editor, reviewing general fiction and nonfiction.

“We are excited about the opportunity to give more exposure of Canadian books to North American book buyers and the global rights market,” said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman. “We hope to be able to expand the number of titles reviewed as interest grows.”

Galleys should be sent to Williams at 157 Wychwood Ave. #6, Toronto, ON, M6C 2T1. Cookbooks galleys should continue to be sent directly to PW’s New York offices, while religion and arts/crafts/hobbies should continue to go to Marcia Nelson, 118 Garfield Avenue, Aurora IL 60506. Galleys of Canadian children’s books should continue to be submitted to PW’s children’s reviews department.