In an email sent to clients and users of, a startup focused on making book events easier to organize and promote, founder Andrew Kessler said the site was suspending all operations due to a dispute with its investors. Kessler said the company is fighting to resolve the issues, and hopes to relaunch the site as an independent entity.

In an email sent to supporters and clients, Kessler said the company was now working “to extract ourselves from our relationship with the IPG/Huge Labs incubator.” Kessler’s email noted that Togather has been “locked out of our Web servers” by IPG/Huge Labs, and has received notice "that our incubator will dissolve the Togather entity.”

However, Kessler ended the email emphasizing that he is trying to resolve the issues and will continue "to fight for this idea, one that our community of clients and collaborators has invested in and validated."

Togather was launched by Kessler in 2012 with a focus on providing authors with a “fansourcing” tool that would allow authors or venues to organize events, and get early RSVP information about whether fans would attend. Togather eventually pivoted its services toward large institutions, and signed a deal with B&N College in late 2013. Through this deal, B&N College would use Togather to research and promote book events aimed at students using its campus stores.