A $30 million charge tied to corporate restructuring drove HarperCollins into the red in the third-quarter and nine-month periods ended March 31. With the charge, HC had an operating loss of $38 million in the third quarter compared to income of $29 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2008. Sales in the quarter dropped 19.5%, to $243 million.

In February, HC offered early retirement to employees and implemented an overhaul of its U.S. operations, which included the downsizing of the Collins division. Last month, the company’s U.K. division also underwent a restructuring. The company has not disclosed how many positions have been eliminated, but it is believed to be at least 200.

Harper will need a strong fourth quarter if it is to finish the year in the black. For the nine-month period, the company had a net loss of $12 million compared to operating income of $132 million in fiscal 2008. Revenue was down 16.8%, to $863 million.