Next month, Stielstra Publishing, Nashville will publish its first title: The Chaos Scenario by Bob Garfield, editor-at-large at Advertising Age and co-host of NPR’s On the Media. The book chronicles the disintegration of traditional media and marketing, and offers solutions for recovery that Garfield learned from his travels around the world. It’s an apt first effort from the house, which was co-founded by Greg Stielstra, the former v-p of marketing at Thomas Nelson who left in 2007 to start his own consulting business. According to press materials, Stielstra Publishing will focus on “publishing, marketing, promoting and distributing books in a connected, digital world increasingly uninfluenced by traditional publishing methods.”

In October, Garfield will launch a 30-day discussion/continuing education program called 30 Days of Chaos. Participants, who can register at no cost at, will receive a video presentation from Garfield, a discussion guide, daily e-mails introduced by Garfield, excerpts from the book, commentary from experts, and links to new-media resources and a PowerPoint presentation. So far the list of participants includes the America Advertising Federation, the Public Relations Society of America, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association. Participating organizations will receive discounts on the book.