While Mama Dearest is the last book of E, Lynn Harris that Simon & Schuster will publish, St. Martin’s will go ahead with the publication of In My Father’s House: The Chronicle of Bentley L. Dean next July. In My Father’s House is the first of what was suppose to be a three-book series featuring Bentley Dean, “owner of the hottest modeling agency” in Miami, according to SMP. SMP publisher Sally Richardson signed the deal last year with Harris’ agent John Hawkins who said at the time Harris was looking for a different publisher for the Dean series, which Harris planned to aim at a distinctly gay audience. An SMP spokesperson said several unfinished drafts to other books in the series are with the Harris estate, and the publisher is exploring the possibility of how or if to publish them. The bestselling author died this past July and his friends have been helping to promote Mama Dearest.