Consortium announced Wednesday that it is adding five publishers to its list, bringing the number of client publishers distributed this fall by the Minneapolis book distribution company up to 111 total. The five new publishers are: Busted Flush Press (Houston, Tex.), a publisher of mysteries, founded in 2005, which thus far has issued reprints and anthologies, but will release in September its first full-length novel, Tower by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman; Exterminating Angel Press (Ore.), also founded in 2005, a publisher of fiction and nonfiction that “challenges the dominant cultural story,” that will three titles to be released this fall; Kube Publishing Ltd. (U.K.), which has published fiction and nonfiction titles for adults and children on Islam and the Muslim world since 2007; Polhemus Press, (Brooklyn), a publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and cookbooks founded in 2008, which is releasing in October its debut novel, The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship, by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkle; and Tyrus Books (Madison, Wis.), a publisher of crime and dark literary fiction launched this past month by Ben LeRoy, the founder of Bleak House Books, which will release its debut list this fall: Silver Lake by Peter Gadol; Between the Dark and the Daylight, edited by Ed Gorman; and Double Exposure by Michael Lister.

Julie Schaper, president of Consortium, expressed her excitement at signing on these five presses, and "hooking up with somebody's passion.

"Many of our publishers are mission-driven. This is their passion. This is important in this economic environment, because that passion is what's going to help publishers sell their books. And with all the new social media, it's easier than ever for such publishers to connect with the people who might be interested in their books. Things are tough, but people are still buying books out there. We're excited to be helping to guide these presses, and we'll have another group of publishers for spring. Despite the turmoil in the industry, a lot of people are interested in publishing books."