Paul Levitz will step down as president and publisher of DC Comics, which in turn will be reorganized and renamed DC Entertainment. Diane Nelson, formerly president of Warner Premier, Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD unit, will take over as president of DC Entertainment, a unit now charged with integrating DC Comics’s long list of world famous comic book characters into the movie, TV and production businesses of Warner Bros. Entertainment, DC Comics’s parent company. Nelson will report to Jeff Robinov, president, Warner Bros. Pictures Group.

Levitz, president and publisher since 2002, will return to work as writer and editor for DC Comics as well as overseeing the transition of DC Comics into DC Entertainment. Levitz has worked for DC Comics for more than 36 years in a variety of roles, including writer, editor and executive. In a letter released by DC, Levitz thanked staff and supporters “for your contributions to DC Comics over the long years that I’ve had the honor of serving as part of DC’s leadership team. Together, our staff, creative contributors, readers, retailers and business partners have helped bring us to the beginning of what looks to be a new golden age for comics in the United States, and one that will bring more respect for the talent and the medium.”

Warner Bros. has said that the transition to Nelson's leadership will be handled "as expeditiously as possible without disrupting DC’s business operations." In a statement released by Nelson, she said she plans to visit the DC offices in Manhattan beginning next week. Warner Bros. is also expected to announce a new publisher for DC Entertaiment shortly.