The success of The Lost Symbol is starting to have the expected positive impact on related titles. Cynthia Fowles, director of rights and publicity at Inner Traditions/Bear & Company, which received a huge boost from The Da Vinci Code, said the company has been monitoring inventory levels on all its books connected to Templars and secret societies to keep accounts from running out of stock. To date, two books in particular have benefited from increased consumer interest in all things Brown—James Wasserman’s The Secrets of Masonic Washington (Dec., 2008) and Robert Hieronimus and Laura Cortner’s Founding Fathers, Secret Societies (revised edition Dec., 2005).

The latter, which was originally published as America’s Secret Destiny in 1989, has gotten what Fowles describes as “a great surge of sales.” It sold out the remaining copies from 2005 and has gone back to press twice: once for 5,000 copies in late September and for another 5,000 copies due in soon. Altogether Founding Fathers has almost 50,000 copies in print..

Secrets of Masonic Washington, which offers a walking tour of Washington that identifies where Masonic symbols are hidden, was originally distributed as a regional title, but because of Brown, said director of sales and marketing John Hays, it has since been ordered by both national and international accounts. As a result, the title has gone back to press several times and has sold close to 22,500 copies, most of which have been shipped in the past two months. Now Inner Tradition’s is considering a fourth printing.

For Oakland’s New Harbinger, the tie-in has been a bit different. In Symbol, Robert Langdon’s love interest is the Noetic scientist Katherine Solomon. New Harbinger co-publishes books with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and since the publication of Symbol, sales have spiked for several of New Harbinger/IONS Noetics-related titles. The biggest beneficiary has been Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten, and Tina Amorok.

“We have gone back to press on Living Deeply and have reorders from key accounts on several New Harbinger-Noetic Books titles,” Earlita Chenault, New Harbinger’s senior publicist told PW. New Harbinger/IONS authors have appeared on various programs explaining the real science behind the fiction in Symbol and more appearances are set. Schlitz, who in addition to being the co-author of Living Deeply is the v-p of research and education at IONS, has been interviewed by both Dateline and the Discovery Channel for programs to air mid-October about the fictional noetic science in The Lost Symbol and in the real world. Noetic science explores the connection between human and supernatural intelligence.

Chenault thinks the Dan Brown effect on these titles could continue for a while. “For a second there Noetics was a trendy topic on Twitter,” she said.