New York independent Encounter Books is creating a new imprint, Encounter Broadsides, which will publish 6,000-word titles by conservative writers on a tight turnaround schedule. The first books in the series are all 48-page, $5.99 paperbacks: How the Obama Administration Threatens to Undermine Our Elections by John Fund (Nov. 3), Why Obama’s Government Takeover of Health Care Will Be a Disaster by Dr. David Gratzer (Nov. 10) and Obama’s Betrayal of Israel by Michael A. Ledeen (Nov. 24). Works by Stephen Moore on the Obama administration’s economic policies, Andrew C. McCarthy on the politicization of the justice department and Michael Barone on immigration are slated for the coming weeks. Titles will also be available in Kindle editions.

Publisher Roger Kimball likened the publication of these titles to historical examples such as Common Sense and The Federalist Papers. He said the imprint will serve as “a new—or rather, a revival of an old—genre that is supple enough to respond quickly to unfolding events and yet authoritative enough to have an important effect on the debate over policy.”