Brett Favre's much-covered indecision about leaving the gridiron once and for all might prove an unexpected boon for Skyhorse Publishing. Skyhorse upped its first announced printing of Life After Favre after the former Green Bay Packer (and New York Jet) announced, last month, that he would be playing for the Vikings this season.

Skyhorse has bumped its first printing of the book, by journalist Phil Hanrahan, from 15,000 to 20,000 and is also hoping to boost sales after fine-tuning the title's pub date. Life After was originally slated to drop in late September, but Skyhorse is now releasing the title on October 5, to conincide with the Monday Night Football game featuring the Vikings (Favre's new squad) and the Packers (his former squad).

Thomas Semosh at Skyhorse said the house is doing "a huge push" for the book and is hoping Hanrahan can land unexpected press gigs because of the heightened coverage of Favre during the early season. Hanrahan is currently scheduled to tour throughout Wisconsin in November.