Going Rouge, the left-wing critical take on Sarah Palin published by upstart OR Books, is going to bookstores after all. The essay collection from OR--a new indie founded by Colin Robinson and John Oakes--was initially published as a direct-to-consumer title. Now, Florida-based publisher HCI has acquired rights to the book and began shipping copies to stores yesterday. HCI is doing a first printing of 50,000 copies.

Speaking about the acquisition, HCI president Peter Vegso admitted the book is an unusual one for HCI best known for its self-help and recovery books. The full title of the book is Going Rouge: Sarah Palin — An American Nightmare and it includes essays about the former Alaska governor by a collection of mostly well-recognized liberal journalists and members of the media elite, like Frank Rich, Max Blumenthal and Eve Ensler. Vegso said the title "presented an exciting and interesting challenge,” since HCI had to get it out to market so quickly. Palin's tour for her own book has created interest in Rouge, something HCI hopes will spur sales to stores.