Blu Sky Media Group, the Nashville distributor for small presses, is closing down. Blu Sky CEO Greg Snider blamed the recession and tight credit policies for the distributor’s demise. “In this harsh banking environment, we were unable to secure a term extension with our current bank, or [find] a new bank that would refinance our line of credit,” Snider said. The recession also forced some of Blu Sky’s clients to go out of business owing it money, while high returns led other publishers to slow payment to Blu Sky.

Snider said he has worked out an agreement with his bank giving his clients up to 120 days to move their inventory to a new distributor, and Snider has reached agreements with two distributors to take over distribution for Blu Sky’s 72 clients. “We’re working to make it as smooth a transition as possible,” Snider said.

Blu Sky’s biggest claim to fame was as the distributor for The Lace Reader, which was self-published by Brunonia Barry through her Flap Jacket Press company before being acquired in a $2 million deal by William Morrow.