A daily roundup of 80s hairband reunion news from across the Web. April fools! Just kidding, it's book and publishing news: Amazon Strikes More Agency Model Deals; National Poetry Month;iPad Reviews; Book Smell.

Amazon Strikes Agency Pricing Deal with Two More Publishers
Amazon has given in to the demands of two more publishers: Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins. Also from WSJ.

It's National Poetry Month
April is national poetry month. Sign up to have a poem delivered to your inbox every dayfrom the Academy of American Poets.

Celebrate National Poetry Month with The Rumpus
The Rumpus isoffering new original poems every day this month. Here's day 1, two poems by W.S. DiPiero.

The Early iPad Reviews are Out
Here's a roundup of the first iPad reviews put together bythe Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog.

Book Smell
An NPR columnist takes on this timeless topic.