A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: 'PW' Sale in the News; Marvel's Promising App; A Writer Fights to Get Paid; 'The Bridge' Reviewed; Get Drunk for National Poetry Review.

'PW' Sale in the News
Crain's New York has a writeup about yesterday's announcement of the sale of PW to its former publisher, who describes the magazine's review archive as a "treasure trove."

A Look at Marvel's Promising iPad App
Marvel has big plans for its slick iPad app.

A Writer Fights to Get Paid for His Work
Steve Almond takes on an agent and anthology editor over getting paid for his work, and wins.

'The Bridge' Reviewed
New Yorker editor David Remnick's Obama bio is out today. Here's the New York Times review.

Get Drunk in Honor of Poetry
To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Academy of American Poets has commissioned poetry-themed cocktails!