A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: A Letter from PW's New President; The More Book-Like E-Reader; 'Kick-Ass' and Comics; 'Twilight' Boosts 'Wuthering'; Millions of Bookstores; AWP Redux.

A Letter from PW's New President
In case you don't catch it elsewhere, here is the first letter to PW readers from George W. Slowik Jr., PW's new owner.

Which E-Reader Is More Like a Book?
TheLos Angeles Times compares the iPad and Kindle to see which is more like a print book.

'Kick-Ass' and Comic Books
The Miami Herald reviews the new comic hero spoof Kick-Ass, which the paper calls "subversive."

'Twilight' Boosts 'Wuthering Heights.'
HarperCollins released a Twilight tie-in version of the Bronte classic Wuthering Heights, which is a Twilight character's favorite book. Unsurprisingly, sales of Wuthering have spiked.

Millions of Bookstores
The staff of the online literary rag The Millions run down the bookstores they have known and loved.

AWP Redux
The ever-funny Steve Almond runs down this past week's AWP conference in Denver.