Consortium Book Sales & Distribution continues to grow and diversify with the addition of four more publishers to its client list. Three of the four new client publishers are located abroad: Ballistic Publishing (Melbourne, and Adelaide, Australia) has published books for the digital arts community since 2003. Ballistic will release 33 titles this fall. Frame Publishing (Amsterdam) specializes in interior design, architecture, and art titles. Frame Publishers, which launched its book publishing program in 2001 and releases 35 titles each year, is associated with Frame, an interior design magazine.Totem Books (London) is best known as a publisher of graphic-novel-style guides to history's greatest thinkers and their ideas, but the 16-year-old company also specializes in history, philosophy, science, sports, and humor releases. The company releases 54 titles each year.
The fourth new client publisher is Monster Girl Media, located in San Francisco, a feminist activist press intending to specialize in releasing in multiple formats fiction titles with unconventional characters and story lines. Their debut release, The Girl Must Die, will be published as a book and as postcards this fall. The company plans on releasing four titles each year.

Consortium currently distributes frontlist and backlist for 122 companies all over the world.