A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: Free Comic Day; BBC on Salinger; Keeping Tabs on Kindle; iPad 3G Reviewed; Martel Reviewed.

Free Comic Day

Free Comic Day was thus past Saturday. Here's a post from MTV.com about a promo video for the day with a VoiceOver by indie filmmaker (and guy too fat to fly) Kevin Smith.

BBC on Salinger Case

Here's the BBC's take on the recent developments in the Salinger case.

Keeping Tabs on E-Readers

Amazon promised a Kindle software update for May. Here's a simple look at what that will mean.

Comparing iPads

The iPad 3G came out on Friday. Here is Mashable's comparison between the WiFi and 3G iPads.

Martel Reviewed

The follow up to Life Of Pi gets a mixed, almost bad, review from the New York Times.